A bit about the creator.

My name is Sander Kessels, I live and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I consider myself mainly a designer, and partly a developer. I studied informative design and industrial design (Rietveldacademy Amsterdam) designed all kinds of stuff, like furniture, wallpaperpatterns, brochures, typefaces, bookcovers, cartoons, games, clocks etc. I tried to design in as many different fields as possible in stead of becoming a specialist in one field.

I learned to program and animate by myself and created around 100 webgames, from small to big among other browser based apps. These wete assigned jobs, created by my firm Lollibomb. I founded Lollibomb 25 years ago as a multimedia studio. The size of Lollibomb varied through the years, right now I’m the only one left.

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